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Event Categories

Search for and attend some of the events that are being created every day! Here are some of the event categories to choose from.



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Challenges are more formal matches. Wins and losses can affect your ranking.


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An exhibition is an informal learning / training event where advanced players can show off their skill sets to less advanced players.


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Gaming activity requirements are pending.


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Leagues are organized and run by a Director. May have impact on rankings.


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PlayArounds are informal matches that are not certified or organized. Ratings are not affected by wins and losses.


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Socials are activities that are informal and held in a social environment such as churches, neighborhoods, parks, etc.


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Ping Pong Mexico Open $36,000 - January 4, 2024 - January 6, 2024 - All Day

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A tournament is a formal activity, run by a Director. May have impact on rankings.

Training Camp

No upcoming events
A Training camp is an informal activity that usually is run by an organization such as a church, YMCA, or other entity wishing to grow [...]

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