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We R Table Tennis, Inc. (WRTT) is contracted by the ICTTF to produce sanctioned International Events and provide Services.   The ICTTF would like to thank Eric Chess Bronk, Stanford Pennington, G. Christopher Schabel, Marek Zaskodny, and Jimmy Shen.

The International Classic Table Tennis Federation (ICTTF) welcomes you to will soon be rebranded as to properly include and welcome our sandpaper and wood family members!  The ICTTF’s mission is to re-introduce the fun and healthy game of ping pong; ie, classic table tennis to the world.  The goal of the ICTTF is to provide all infrastructure and tools to Member Nations assisting Clubs engaging both PLAYERS and FANS.   The ICTTF oversees rules and regulations while being responsible for rating players, cataloging results, and sanctioning classic table tennis events worldwide. 

The goal of (CTT)  is to create a community for players AND fans.  CTT is a home for all to promote, follow, enter, attend, and view our sport.  Here you will find ratings and rankings, content, streams, tools, and news about all things ping pong.  CTT will work with the ICTTF to improve and simplify communication while growing in size to attract corporate sponsors, advertisers, and entertainment.  CTT will help ensure our game is:

  • FUN for the FANS.  
  • PROFITABLE for Clubs, and 
  • REWARDING for nations.