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Tournament Sanction Guidelines

Category: Promotion
Level: *
  • List your Tournament at
  • Share socially and in the Classic Hardbat Facebook Group
  • Display on Tournament Prospectus
    • Display ICTTF Logo (download logo)
    • Add statement “Sanctioned by ICTTF
  • Submit all match results to ICTTF Via email to
  • Use the ICTTF results template (please use the template to report match results and ask Steve or Marek how to get the template)
Category: Events
Level: **
  • Include at least two of the following modalities:
    • Hardbat
    • Sandpaper
    • Wood
  • Include at least two of the following events:
    • Open Singles
    • Women’s Singles
    • Senior Singles (55 years and over)
    • Junior Singles (18 years and under)
    • Para
  • Utilize ICTTF ratings for player seeding (under the “Members” menu item)
Category: ICTTF Tournament
Level: ***
  • Host a Nationals, Open, or ICTTF World Qualifier Tournament
  • Create events and Enable registration via OmniPong
  • Operate Tournament using AMIBO Technologies
  • Procure ICTTF certified Equipment:  Tables, 40+ White Balls, and Barriers
  • Barter ‘Certified’ Directors, Umpires, Referees, Score Keepers and Reporters
Category: Prize Money
Level: ****
  • Offer more than $5,000 in Prize Pool or Money
  • Source Streamers, Talkers, and Ballers
Category: ICTTF World Championships
Level: ****
  • Partner with We R Table Tennis, Inc. and ICTTF Productions
  • Configure adequate Court sizing, lighting, and flooring
  • Confirm quality Venue & Amenities:
    • Availability of food and drink for players and spectators
    • Adequate seating arrangements and restrooms
    • Branded merchandise, streaming, and social media coverage
  • Block reasonable Accommodations for players, staff, and fans