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  • Randy posted an update 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    Any players out in Santa Rosa, Sonoma county? We have a local gym called Beat of Life, located in Santa Rosa, near the Junior College. I am usually there on Wednesday evenings. $10 entry fee.

    • Your announcements will be posted in the News for all to see. What is better is to create a group on this site called ‘Beat of Life’. And then members can follow. And then anytime you post something… not only will it show up in the news, but members who are part of the group are EMAILED about the post. we don’t email everyone all the time about every post because that would be annoying. But… if someone joins the club… we figure they WANT to be notified and so they get an email too.

    • Randy, you now are a Director. Congratulations on your promotion! 🙂 Go to the groups section and you should have the option to create groups. Let me know if you have any difficulties. Thanks!